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Nerds In Quarantine

These are strange times indeed. With Covid-19 effectively shutting down the entire world, we've all had to adjust how we interact with the world around us. Some of us are working from home, some of us aren't working at all, toilet paper has become the new national currency and for the first time ever, there is a bigger obstacle than busy schedules for finally getting the D&D group together. This global emergency has affected everyone on the planet in some form or another and we at Nerds With Friends are no different.

Cristian and I have started conducting the show via Skype to do our part in participating in social distancing, and we've been so lucky to have awesome guests come along with us for the ride. Last week our friend and hilarious comedian Sandy Danto came on and told us how he's dealing with sheltering in place, and it really makes you take pause when you realize that every single stand-up comedian has had to put their main jobs on hold. Luckily our buddy Sandy still has his podcast MFers to keep up with and he gets to spend time with his family, but what happens if this goes on another month or two or three? It will take time before things get back to normal for all of us, but luckily there are certain perks to being stuck at home all the time.

This week we had Sunni and Brandi from the Book of Lies Podcast and we dove deep into the Netflix docuseries that is sweeping the nation Tiger King. What's better than a bunch of hillbillies running a zoo full of ferocious tigers? Those same hillbillies, high on meth and trying to kill each other. We truly are living in a golden age of television and it upsets me to think that we may never see another personality as intriguing as Joe Exotic, the Tiger King. I've also had plenty of time to work on painting minis and 3-D printing dungeon terrain tiles, so once we're able to hang out again my D&D game will be on point.

I don't mean for this first blog post to be a downer, but it's hard not to mention the thing that has thrown all our lives into disarray. What I really want to say to our listeners is this: You're not alone. I know I say that at the end of every episode but it's true. We're all in this together and that's the only way we're going to make it out the other side. I hope that this show that we do for you guys helps bring some joy to your lives in these troubling times, and I hope that the two of us discussing how much crystal meth it would take to suck a dick lets you laugh a little before you have to wipe your ass with a dish towel because there's no toilet paper left in your home state.

In these posts we'll discuss all the nerdy stuff you love, from tabletop RPGs, comic books and movies to conspiracy theories, tech and gadgets, and of course how that bitch Carole Baskin definitely fed her husband to a tiger. We hope for this to be another way for us to interact with you and the rest of the nerd community, sharing jokes, new games, tips and tricks and other cool things to nerd out about. We hope you guys enjoy these and we hope that we all come out of this situation stronger and closer (but at least 6ft away) because of it. Stay safe, be kind to one another and remember that you're not alone, you're with friends.

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